Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The building of a Painting

Here is the still life set up.
I am currently working on an 11x14 oil on stretched canvas. I start with a drawing then draw it a second time with charcoal on the canvas.

After I have done the drawing I then begin to fill in color. I work the entire painting some artist start at the top and work down. I get a better feel for the painting by working the whole canvas at one time.

This is one of several old juicers I have. I collect them weird I know. I have them sitting around my kitchen. I like this one because it's old depression glass and I like the green of it.

Well back to the painting more on this one tomorrow.


jafabrit said...

I am likeyou I like to put colour all over and get a feel for it rather than start at the top. Nice to see the set up and then the painting on the easel. Look forward to seeing how it progresses.

Lesly said...

Hi Delilah

Lovely paintings and a nice blog!

thank you for joining Art Blogs 4 U . I will be sending a newsletter out to all the artists from time to time so I will need a contact address. Please would you email me from the blog?

Also please could you put a link on your blog to Art Blogs 4 U []. I think that this is mandatory with most Link Lists these days and it helps to get the List noticed.

best wishes to you

Delilah said...


Yes, I have to work all over the canvas. It just doesn't seem right not to. I know of one artist who starts in the left upper corner and works across and down and nevr goes back.