Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Oh, Bad Delilah

The simple fact is that people will become loyal, trusting potential buyers of you and your work when they know they are dealing with a human, especially one with flaws like them.
When you show more of who you are, you are morphing into the product. The product is not just your work and your skills. You are the full package. And that is what people invest in – their time and their money.
I know this but I don't share. I need to do more of this; if you are an artist like me you also need to do this. So today I am making a change a commitment to share more. To show more of the process and the frustration of being a one woman show. The creator,the marketer ,the book keeper,and the self motivator. 

Have a bright and sunny day and paddle your way into a great year of painting

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