Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Artist Mind those that expect receive

The artistic mind, flowing properly, sees the world differently. Call it what you will--a Celestial moment, synchronicity, serendipity. There's a higher harmonic. It's got something to do with receptiveness and alertness. Those who expect, receive. We can leave it to the gods where it comes from. The important thing is to give in to it--allow this dream mind to run.

To allow for creative flow give thought to your current processes and habits. Study your workstation for areas of awkwardness and limit them. See that things are handy.

Cut back on time-wasters -- the procedural ones and the two-footed kind. Do your work in a logical and yet creative order.

Artists are often dreaming, wondering, wandering and idling in the fanciful department. It seems that artistic types can actually "live in" a world of their own creation, perhaps preferring it to the real world, their work being an extension of it.

When I feel an artistic moment coming on,I surrendering to the need to make something and I don't need time wasters getting in the way of my creative flow.

Success as an artist means having freedom. Freedom to follow your nose. You need freedom in order to create, and you need creativity in order to pay the price for your freedom.

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