Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: Movie review Noah

I usually discuss things about painting and drawing life. I now am adding  review s of some of the art exhibitions I go to, movies I see,books I read, and art materials I use. As artist we need to exposes ourselves to as much of the art as we can.

Remember this is just my opinion so feel free to give me your take on things also.

The first review is of a movie I saw a few weeks ago. I really wanted to see this movie. I don't got to a lot of movies but I made the effort to see the one on the big screen. It had two of my favorite actors in it : New Zealand born Australian actor Russell Crow and the very versatile Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins in the movie Noah. Now the story comes from one of the all time most read books in the world the Bible, how could the movie be anything but epic?

Wow the movie industry took great actor a wonderful story and turned into cinematic trash. With cartoon rock creature and just pure writing hacks so disappointing. I give this movie a thumbs and down and would not even rent it.

The best thing you will see is the trailer clips.

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