Sunday, December 02, 2012

Artistic Temperament Touched with Fire

The drive to paint is all consuming. I do this because it's what I want to do.

 Many people can not understand this obsession of mine to show up at the easels every day with pure joy. Not because there is a boss who say's you must clock in a 7 AM, not because I would be docked on my pay check. Employers use paycheck deductions as a way to penalize for sub-par performance. I know if I don't show up everyday I will not paint as well because it really boils down to brush miles to get better

.I know when a painting is sub-par. It kills me until I get it right.The artist temperament kicks in, the drive to do it right, better, make it the best that I can and learn from it. Do it again until it is the thing that was in my head then on my brush dab with paint onto the canvas.

Money is not the motivator even though sales are a part of the business of doing art. Sales are bench marks little goals that I set for myself.

The hot button is to make art, to follow the muse and not be distracted by what people say is good or bad art. If the work is well received and sells it is validations. The touched with fire emotions of creativity that turn my thoughts and imagination into something real that became a painting.

I do these little daily paintings to think with my brush to work ideas out. To see if I would like to do a larger work.


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Marie Fox said...

I love the colors and mood and your light touch with the brush in the painting of the couple. Very beautiful.