Friday, July 06, 2012

Look more and be more Successful in your Paintings

 Take a close look at your work-in-progress and ask yourself a few further questions:

1. How could this work be more imaginative?

2.  How could this work have a beguiling subplot? A little more mystery? Something that makes you , think hummm.

 3. Where in this work have I sunk into normalcy and complacency? Is it the use of colour The same way of painting the same subject that everyone else is painting?

 4. Is this work dull, boring, yawn-inducing? You know, same old,,,,different day.I once read you need to paint something 99 times to really get into it and find a new way of looking at it.

5.  In what way is this work different from what I've previously seen or done? How can I make it better? Remember, sometimes less is more. Think about simplifying. Simplify the subject or the colors used. The eye needs gray to be able to  really see other colors and to rest.There are three properties of any paint you use always think about them:

A.   hue (color)
B.  value (lightness or darkness as viewed with no chroma - grays)
C. chroma (color intensity).

  A pure gray has no chroma. Pure primary colors (cadmium red, Cadmium yellow or ultramarine blue) have maximum chroma.

  Value is the lightness or darkness of the paint as seen without color (gray scale - what it would be if on a scale of black to white). Using neutral grays to adjust chroma and value without modifying the hue is obviously an advantage with this technique and will give you much greater control in mixing paints.  Try taking a photo of your painting and in photo shop use the gray scale to take another look at the value you have used.

6.Oh artistic muses --where art thou? Incidentally, a lot of people have great ideas, but nothing in the world is cheaper than a good idea with no action.

Like I keep saying the only way to become a better as an artist is to keep painting. Paint on friends.Feel free to send me one of your latest works and I will post it with a link to your web site or blog.

My Daily Paintings can be viewed at Painting of the Day.

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