Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Art and Dragonflies

I like the whimsical charater of Dragonflies and add them to my art. It's just one of the ways I set my paintings up to add something different and un expected for the viewer.

With many artists vying for the same few spots at galleries or exhibition spaces, the “competition” for exposure can be difficult and disheartening. Unpersonalized rejections, lack of feedback, or unresponsiveness from galleries can lead artists to take drastic measures to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes these attention-getting tactics are great, and sometimes they ruin your chances before you’ve even begun. Below are some ways to stand out from the crowd. Read More
10 Facts on Dragonflies:
1. There are about 5,000 different kinds of dragonflies. 400 of them live in the U.S.

2. When you see two dragonflies chasing each other, it is usually two males fighting to flee the other from the territory. Dragonflies are very territorial.

3. When you see two dragonflies attached, flying, most likely it is a male and female mating.

4. Male dragonfly's penises are shaped like a shovel at the end so it can scoop out any "additions" to the female, by another male dragonfly. (another territorial issue... Apparently, he doesn't like to share!)

5. Dragonflies were here on earth before the dinasaurs were! They haven't changed much since then, besides they are MUCH smaller!

6. The largest wing span ever recorded on a dragonfly is two and a half feet! (It was a fossil)

7.Dragonflies are very curious creatures, but they will not harm a human one bit. They may fly around your head, or even land on you, but they will never sting or bite.

8. Because of their large multifaceted eyes, the adult dragonfly can see just about 360 degrees around themselves without moving their head!

9. A dragonfly's eyes hold thousands of lenses. Humans only have one. (hmm..)

10. A dragonfly was once clocked at 55 mph!

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