Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Web Sites for artist

Here are some common elements which most dealers and galleries would agree on for your website design:
1. Keep the site simple and elegant with the focus on the art itself

2. Don't overpower the art with a site that looks too busy

3. Avoid advertising such as banner adds or sidebar adds. If you must have them, put them in a separate resource section of your website.

4. Avoid complex effects like flash movies. In the time it takes to play your exotic entry page, your visitor may have moved on.

5. Include your bio, artist statement, resume, contact information, gallery of your work, contact information, and a price list.

6. A list of Galleries where you work can be seen and note beside you painting if it in a gallery with a link to the galleries web site.

Here are few easy to use web site if you do not currently have one and want to design your own:
Fine Art America

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