Friday, October 03, 2008

Art on the Internet

Art on the Internet

The Internet is a remarkably user-friendly way to
navigate the art world. The World Wide Web can be
used to do background research on an artist or type
of art that interests you, to locate dealers specializing
in that work, to scout available inventory and to
check prices. The Web offers access to art and galleries
all over the world.

Email makes it easy to initiate a
relationship with a gallery that you might not readily
be able to visit.

However, no one polices the Web for accuracy, and the
Internet must be approached with intelligence and a
degree of caution. Art-historical information is only
as good as the source from which it comes.

Internet sellers may post images of works they do not actually
have access to, or that are incorrectly described or not
authentic. Prices need to be understood within the
larger context of the art market, and are often meaningless
when you have not seen the work in person.

Many Internet portals offer listings of dealers and art
works for sale, but these are for the most part paid
services that are not screened for quality or reliability.
dealer has a home page on the adaa’s website, with a
link to that dealer’s personal site.
While the Internet can be helpful in researching
an acquisition, the actual process of buying art
takes place in the real world.

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