Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Painting on Mackinac Island

One of my current goals is to get the camera out and take more pictures as I travel. What I see in my daily life influences what I paint. I often do quick Plein Air paintings and later develop them into larger work in my studio. I also use reference photos to paint from.

I painted last weekend on Mackinac Island with the Great Lakes Plein Air Painter. I was so glad that I took my camera with me. There were so many interesting things to paint it just could not be done in four days. In fact I filled my disk and had to down load the photo so I didn’t miss taking pictures of the great boat race.

I stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast, the Lilac House and painted from their lovely front porch one rainy morning. It was the weekend of the 100th

Chicago to Mackinac Yacht Race. Here is a link to see more photos of the race and the winner the Winquest. If you have never visited Mackinac Island in Michigan I suggest you do it is a wonderful day or a great weekend on the island. Don’t forget the camera!

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