Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Oil on Hardboard
A new friend of mine Charlie Spear who is an artist in one of my work groups recently suggested that the group start a group art critique of work we were currently working on and wanted some feed back on.

Now, I have been through art school and have had some professors who were brutal in their critiques. One professor comes to mind, that would take our precious infants of new born work that we had literally handled with gloves while creating so as not to smear them and would put them on the floor and walk on them as he critiqued them. I guess the lesson to be learned: was never to become to attached to ones’ work.

There are different kinds of critiques. There are the ones that come unsolicited, like at an art show I did recently when I over heard an older women telling her friend that one of my painting was the most god ugly thing she had every seen and to make it even worse I had made it so large, did I have no common sense? That would have been a killer and ruined my day, in fact it almost did but about an hour later another lady fell in love with it and bought it. Who knows?

Then there is the kind of critique that we all want. The one where we ask: what, where, why, how, do you have an idea and can you help me. Is this too moody, to light, to dark, to yellow, and should I just trash it and start over? The feedback comes and it is so helpful, just the icebreaker you needed to get you going again.

With this is mind I ask;” I have painted this small painting Sierra and now I am thinking about doing a much larger one. This one is 8x10 and I am thinking of doing one 20x24 what do you think?

It’s okay to say OMIGOD it’s so bad why would she want to make it larger. I have had worse critiques and after all I am strong, so go for it.

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Lona Virgo said...

I love bright colors, but you have too many colors going on. The entire primary and secondary triad. I would love to see you do just a limited palette, of maybe orange, purple, and green.
Overall it is a nice painting, composition is interesting. Trees maybe too much the same.
But all in all I like it!
keep up the good work!